We are the BLOM COLLECTIVE, a small but mighty team of ​passionate marketing enthusiasts. We’ve been working with ​local and international brands for over 10 years. We help ​business owners to make social media work for them.

Our approach is simple:

First, we find out what your brand wants to say.

Then, we delve into what your customers want to hear.

We marry the two to create a content strategy that ​WORKS FOR YOU.

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Daniela du Preez

Founder, Strategist

Project Manager, ​copywriter

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You’ve heard it ​all before

“Post once a day”

“You must be on TikTok”

“Use this trending audio”

“You MUST be on Threads”

“This Instagram hack made me a millionaire”

Our advice? F ‘em!

We’re just going to say it: there is too much advice out there ​when it comes to social media. It’s overwhelming.

Ignore all the noise and do what works best FOR YOU given ​the resources that you have available.

There are no crazy hacks for overnight success. Social media ​is an investment that takes time, energy and focus.

Our goal is to build a sustainable social media strategy for ​your brand’s long-term success and longevity.

How does that sound?

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